All our creations are unique pieces made entirely by hand.

From a drawing on paper and a careful reconstruction of the prototype, we get to create a real work of art to wear.


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Our Creations

Colosseo oro

Anello colosseo oro 18Kt

Sales price: 1520,00 €
Price / kg:


Colosseum ring.

Sales price: 220,00 €
Price / kg:
Sales price: 2720,00 €
Price / kg:

Bracelet X

Bracelet X in white gold and diamonds.

Sales price: 6590,00 €
Price / kg:


Ring in 750. /°° yellow gold.

Roman Empire Ring

White gold ring with diamonds.

Silk Collection

Ring in 750./° yellow gold, handmade, with a satin-finish ...

Tanzanite ring

Ring in 750./°° white gold with tanzanite.

All round solitaire

All round solitaire in white gold.

Aries ring

Gold ring depicting the zodiac sign of the Aries.

Bunch of grapes

Pendant of a bunch of grapes in gold and rubies.

Domus Aurea Collection

Rings and earrings in yellow and white gold, with cabochon ...

Emerald and Diamond ring

Ring in white gold, emerald and trillion-cut diamond.

Empire collection, earrings and pendant

Earrings and pendant, 750./°° yellow gold and carnelian.

Gustav Klimt

Ring inspired by Gustav Klimt.

Infinity ring

Infinity ring with Emerald and Diamonds.

Leaves Collection.

750./°° yellow gold earrings with Japanese pearls.

Sales price: 2860,00 €
Price / kg:
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